Synchronised Fallibles: Laura Hindmarsh & Bea Haut

Tuesday 14th October
Free entry
One night installation exhibition only

Australian artist Laura Hindmarsh and London based artist Bea Haut bring together two 16mm film based works featuring the artist embodied within the frame. Present and exposed, yet deceptive through the coupling of alterations in time and space, these works complicate human gestures and suggest a viewing experience perceptive of the form. Running for one night only as a looped gallery based installation on 16mm film.

Laura Hindmarsh, Australia
Laura is an Australian artist based in Tasmania, currently undertaking a self-directed residency in London. Her practice is an ongoing inquiry into the nature of perception and representation, and is informed by experimental music, expanded cinema and meta-fiction – works that demonstrate their own process and condition of existence. Hindmarsh primarily works with video installation and performance, however her work incorporates drawing, social exchange, photography and text. Her way of working elicits mediation and experience as a mode of enactment rather than subject.

Bea Haut, London
Bea Haut is a London based artist who works primarily with 16mm film in an expanded form. This manifests and behaves as sculpture, installations, projections, photography and printmaking. Multi dimensional in media as well as often being site responsive, these works allude to perceptions of inter-related moments, spaces, and actions in between. Regarding the mutating dialogue between the self and her surroundings, Haut also uses everyday occurrences as the material and subject of her work.

Laura Hindmarsh, Exposure Test
2 x 16mm; B&W; Sound; 3 min loop; 2014

Laura Hindmarsh.jpg

Negative and positive images feed off one another eliciting ghostly forms and disorientating realms. Segments of time are recorded, looped and overlaid as counterpoints that can interact with one another as the artist completes movements within a defined space. Past and present moments build like a palimpsest, yet as these layers synch and lapse out of continuity with one another a ‘charged moment’ occurs. Layers of action and inaction, chance and structure reveal the nature of the work, not as an idea, but as an experience to be undertaken by artist and audience, both being equally involved in it’s construction and meaning.

Bea Haut, Abject Noise
16mm; B&W; Optical Sound; 3.5 min loop; 2014

Bea Haut.jpg

A study of the optical sound strip on film, where light triggers sound. Objects as noise, passing across and out of the film frame, then through the unseen strip. The artist, the action, and the consequent sound, all skirt around the edges of the visible. Interrupting the usual boundaries of framing and structure, this is an extended format film, asking the viewer to see what isn’t in view and to hear the shape of things.

Exposure Test, by Laura Hindmarsh, was made while on residency in London, with mentor Sally Golding. With thanks to David Leister, Bea Haut, Sebastian Sussmann (Double Negative Darkroom), James Holcombe and Karel Doing (, and Apiary Studios. Supported by the Ian Potter Cultural Trust, the Copyright Agency Creative Individuals Career Fund, and Arts Tasmania Artsbridge.



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