DreamCycles is the second immanation of a weekly group and course that focuses on cultivating a personalised, bespoke dream practice and ritual to help facilitate creative work, south growth, transmutation, self exploration, healing, empowerment and the personal expansion of greater consciousness.  As cycles of intention each series churns out its own magic.

Each cycle runs over a four month course (16 weeks) with 2 hour sessions.  Each month is a cycle all its own and drop ins are welcome.
£250 for the whole course

£80 per month

£40 for online remote viewing package- more details TBA

Please enquire about drop-ins.


Course Breakdown:
Week 01: Dream Journalling & Dream Practice
Week 02: Precognitive Dreams
Week 03: ADV Dreams
Week 04: Compensatory Dreams
Week 05: Mutual Dreams
Week 06: Dream Herbs
Week 07: Lucid Dreaming
Week 08: OBE’s and the Astral Plane
Week 09: Recurring Dreams
Week 10: False Awakenings
Week 11: Sleep Paralysis and Nightmares
Week 12: Day Dreams
Week 13: Divinatory Dreams
Week 14: Dream Symbols
Week 15: Progressive Dreams
Week 16: Healing Dreams


TREE CARR is a London-based Dreaming Guide, Death Doula, Mystic, Musician and Filmmaker. 

Tree is an avid Lucid Dreamer and looks to her dreams for creative inspiration, self exploration, healing and the personal expansion of greater consciousness. She’s been journaling her lucid dreams, sleep paralysis and OBE’s for over 20 years and contributes her ideas at SpiritMAMA and Seymour Magazine. As an artist, she incorporates her dream practice into her creative work.
Her work as a Death Doula see’s her helping people spiritually, emotionally and existentially at the end of their lives and is there to facilitate healing, peaceful and conscious passings.
As a mystic, Tree has explored the realms of spirituality and consciousness since she was a child. She is self taught in Divination and has facilitated readings, rituals and consultations for many a soul!