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Monday, the 9th of June, 7pm In June 2012, the chef Jacob Stüttgen left the helm of the Michelin started restaurant “terrine” in Munich to dedicate himself to “the world of chocolate and pralines”. It was a journey from which he was never to return. Fearfully haunted since childhood by visions of sadistic cleaning operatives, […]

Filtering the Crap: A DIY approach to publishing in the eye of the storm


25th of May | 6pm Ernst Markus Stein / Dj Shlucht of DIY Church discusses the pros and cons of broadcasting culture and internet publishing after more than 20 years of internet. In this “workshop” the audience is invited to take a deeper look on creating and publishing content online and how its 24/7 availability […]

Anti-Cupcake Fascism cake sculpture workshop and rally


Its birthday season and we say NO to cupcake facism! One of our favourite Berliners is coming over to share our mutual passion for cake sculpture. We will be holding a workshop at apiary on the 17th to make DIY cake art so we can bring it to the cake walk on the 18th. There […]

Frustum: the portion of a cone or pyramid that lies between two parallel planes

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4th of May, 5pm – 9pm The Frustums are both musical instruments and sculptures, constructed by Harriet Lewars, large metal cones on wooden plinths, strung with piano wire. In this salon, we invite the participants to explore the sonic possibilities of the frustums with us, both acoustically and electronically. Harriet Lewars is a graduate of […]

Planning The Past: On Natural Beauty


27th of April 4pm Let your sunday thoughts wander through a fairyland, a landscape surveyed through art as a natural science and a form of magic enlightenment! A short lecture about a wrongfully forgotten philosophical concept, a little story about a secret fanciful garden and some anecdotes of desire and disaster. passionately brought to you […]


televisual healing simple

Easter Sunday 20th of April  Time tbc  No need to adjust your set ….  _  Our televisual pilot is emerging from the Holy Bermuda Triangle this Easter, speeding on a cosmic egg, resurrecting all the evaporated particles, one piece of trash at a time.  TV ISLAND COMING SOON   *** Sunday Salons Apiary Studios will now nourish […]