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Sex, Passion and Self Nurture


£45 for one day workshop Please book online here **** In this workshop we shall be exploring the nature of our sexuality as women. What turns us on? What turns us off? How do our self-image and nurture effect our sex drive? We shall be tasting, experimenting and discussing plant aphrodisiacs and working with a […]



DreamCycles is the second immanation of a weekly group and course that focuses on cultivating a personalised, bespoke dream practice and ritual to help facilitate creative work, south growth, transmutation, self exploration, healing, empowerment and the personal expansion of greater consciousness.  As cycles of intention each series churns out its own magic. Each cycle runs […]

DREAM BABY DREAM with TREE CARR on January 17th


A LUCID DREAMING WORKSHOP 17 JANUARY 2017 7pm-9pm ★ Dream Journalling ★ Lucid Dream facilitating techniques ★ Dream Herbs ★ W.I.L.D (Wake Induced Lucid Dreams) £10  Please purchase tickets here: *Ticket price includes a Lucid Dreaming Kit! ‘We spend a big part of our life asleep and dreaming. If  the average night’s sleep is eight hours (ie: one-third of a […]

Narrating Structures ’ Intensive Videomapping Workshop 16th Edition


  Narrating Structures ’ Intensive Videomapping Workshop 16th Edition Led: Blanca Regina . Dates: Saturday 12th & Sunday 13th of November 2016, From 12 to 19.30 pm.  Place : Apiary Studios (Studio 1). 458 Hackney Road, E2 9EG Hours: 15 hours Student fee:  £160  (Max nº of students: 10) Information and registration Organized by With the support of: […]

Papa Loko


In an authentic and evolutionary environment reminiscent of Berlin’s underground parties and with a frequency-accurate Flipside Soundsystem, Loko takes the best of contemporary techno, backs it with intention and transforms it into forceful energy that has the power to shake, dissolve and rebuild. For OCTOBER our VISION is EVOLVING! As Loko founder and multi-faceted musician/DJ […]



Join us at the hive <3 Spacious room that comfortably fits 3 desks with Apiary Studios. Benefits on booking photographic studios, events spaces and rehearsal space :: Our offices are ideal for those working often with larger spaces as we have three large studios we can offer at great prices within a bespoke package according […]

Bar Manager – Honey Moon, Hackney Road, East London


– Permanent role – Competetive Salary Honey Moon is a new addition to our hive at Apiary Studios an arts organisation dedicated to research and development in the arts. Our new cafe/bar is an important edition to our programme, as we will work creatively to integrate aspects of hospitality, food and botanicals. Our beverage menu […]

‘Narrating Structures ’ Intensive Videomapping Workshop 15th Edition


Saturday 6th & Sunday 7th of August 2016 12:00 – 19:30 Led: Blanca Regina . Place : Apiary Studios (Studio 1). 458 Hackney Road, E2 9EG Hours: 15 hours Student fee:  £160  (Max nº of students: 10) Information and registration Organized by With the support of: Mad Mapper  Modul8   DESCRIPTION ‘Narrating Structures’ is an intensive workshop […]

Continuous Lubomyr


Continuous Lubomyr is a documentary about the Ukrainian pianist and composer Lubomyr Melnyk, creator of ‘Continuous Music’. From The WIRE review: “It’s possible to draw a straight line between Melnyk’s rhapsodic, ecstatic music and Chopin, Debussy, Satie, Charlemagne Palestine and American minimalist composition. Continuous Music is more than just a style though. For Melnyk it […]

A kent’annos


Come discover the secret of longevity, join us for a very special Sardinian night experiencing food, wine and music from the healthiest island in the world. Crystal clear water, white beaches, pink flamingos, but also great culture, ancient traditions and fascinating misteries: this is SARDINIA, the beautiful Italian island. The Sardinians’ diet is particularly rich […]