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Cratery Woof


Wednesday – October 28th 19:30-23:00 John Hall, Richard Parker, Philip Terry and Samantha Walton read poems from publications from the Crater Press and Canary Woof. Philip Terry is currently Director of the Centre for Creative Writing at the University of Essex. Among his books are the lipogrammatic novel The Book of Bachelors, the edited story […]


banner SU9

Strange Umbrellas present free improvisation, live video, films, lectures and other things…   Doors open at 8pm Performances from 8:30pm – 11:30pm DJ from 11:30pm-1:30am Tickets £6/£4 (concession) MUSIC Mandhira de Saram   Blanca Regina + Matthias Kispert   Steve Beresford, Adam Bohman + John White   Miel&Porc + Pierre Bouvier Patron   PERFORMANCE ‘Walk […]

Edges and Intervals

Edges and Intervals

This two-day event features the exhibition of paintings, screen-prints, installed video projections, a film programme and live performance. The various works, which have never been seen together, explore a formal interest in pattern, colour and motion, and find points of convergence across different but related media. This unique combination of works aims to consider the […]


YouMeTomorrow 15

28 September – 2 October 19.00 – 20.30 Book tickets HERE £6/£5 (Student)   George/Greg/Geoff/Greg is busy preparing dinner for his boss/friend/fling/nemesis/co worker with the help of his devoted and self depreciating wife/partner/girlfriend/divorcee Suzan/Sophie/Sarah. Tonight, chicken/turkey/pizza is being served/microwaved/roasted and truths/lies/irrelevant details/riots are to be uncovered/suppressed/encouraged in the search for just exactly how did this […]

Cosmovision and Huichol Art

Screen Shot 2015-09-07 at 13.01.37

Tuesday the 15th of September at 1930 Temazcalero Raul Hernandez will give a talk on the cosmology of the Wixárikas people of Mexico.  Join us for stories of creation as told through the art of this tradition.


Bronte Country - a still

7.45 pm Entry fee £6/£4 PETER STRICKLAND, ADAM BOHMAN, JONATHAN BOHMAN, RICHARD THOMAS. An evening of experimental FILM/TEXT/MUSIC.   Cult film director Peter Strickland gives a rare live performance with old sparring partners the Bohman Brothers & Richard Thomas, aka Secluded Bronte. There is also an exclusive screening of Peter’s new experimental short, The Farewell Party, which stars the Bohman Brothers. Looking […]

Conjuring Spirits // Workshop


This one day workshop offers students the chance to learn the techniques, methods, rites and rituals of successful Spirit conjuration. We will explore a huge variety of entities including Angels, Demons, Elementals, Nature Spirits and more. Students will learn the various ways Spirits can aid us in our day to day lives including increasing wealth, […]

eXperimental electronics presents.. Earthvoice


New edition of eXperimental electronics at Apiary Studios with Martin Howse,  Graham Dunning and Alejandra Perez Nuñez Martin Howse EARTHVOICE un-earths a dirty, soil circuit, modulating and expressing wormed and human voice, uniting deep earth currents and atmospheric signals with vocal bone and tongue fragility. EARTHVOICE explores the detection and extraction of code and signals from […]

Pugilistica: a literary celebration of Boxing


Pugilistica brings together poets, academics, writers, artists and photographers to celebrate the sport of boxing through talks, readings, discussion and screenings. The event will see the relaunch of Fights, by SJ Fowler, published by Veer Books in a revised second edition. A book of modernist & experimental poems, broken into cycles, each celebrating / reflecting on the life […]

Tales Presents… Ambre

Ambre Poster

The Tales collective weave electronic music with their unique aesthetic to produce events that far surpass your average techno party. For this installment they present the Bordeaux based artist Ambre, a young ambient/techno producer who’s latest release is out on Cenotaph Records. “One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light, but by making the darkness conscious.” ― […]